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April 10, 2012
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Pony Pillow Pile by KP-ShadowSquirrel Pony Pillow Pile by KP-ShadowSquirrel
The mane 6 sleeping on a pile of pillows...

A vectorized, colored and animated version made by :iconelectronvolt: Electronvolt is here [link]


:iconcid-gaius: Cid-Gaius wrote:

"Ugh, Rainbow Dash! you and Applejack were supposed to clean up all these pillows..."She said as she climbed the fluffy hill.
"Although, it does look comfortable" Twilight yawned and settled in on top of the pile.

After their spa treatment Rarity and Fluttershy came upon the precious pillow pile of ponies

"Good heavens! Can you believe these lazy fillies?" Rarity exclaimed "Fluttershy be a dear and wake Rainbow Dash will you, I'll clear away this horrid mess."

Fluttershy flew up and gently poked Rainbow Dash causing a slight murmur from the cyan pegasus. "Oh Rarity I don't know if we should..."she whispered, "they look so comfortable."

"Nonsense, I'm sure once we clear away these pillows the others will go back home and nap in their own beds" Rarity replied. She picked up another pillow and felt the soft smooth silk encasing it.

"Oh dear, such exquisite fabric," she marveled. perhaps it was from the heat of the sauna or the excellent fabric Rarity too fell victim to the pillows siren call.

Fluttershy on the other hoof tried now to awaken Rarity, but after a few moments, she felt her eyes getting droopy. Fluttershy snuggled in to her fashionable friend and soon was gently snoring.

Meanwhile Pinkie was bored, bored, bored. She hadn't seen her friends all day. Even her secret stashes of games (hidden all over Equestria for gameless emergencies) wouldn't help. As she wandered around Ponyville she stumbled across a small neatly stacked pile of pillows. Next to that a much larger pile containing all her friends. Pinkie smiled broadly

"oh is this a slumber party? I love slumber parties. Well, I love all parties, dance parties, birthday parties, after parties, pre-party parties, and..." Pinkie paused her rant. Nopony had put a hoof up to her mouth or shouted for her to stop. "uhh girls?"
she was answered with the sound of soft snoring. Pinkie shurged and dove in to the pile of pillows and instantly fell asleep.

I'm not much of a writer I know.
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Sweet !
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what a wonderful moment. its drawn as if you had just walked in to check on said ponies, and seen them all quietly passed out. such beautiful creatures.
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