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June 27, 2011
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Pony Model Download Center by KP-ShadowSquirrel Pony Model Download Center by KP-ShadowSquirrel
The models were made in Maya and Zbrush.

Pony 3D PDF Files by KP-ShadowSquirrel
The easiest way to see these models are the PDF files right here:

Rigged versions for Blender made by MirceaKitsune are now available here:…

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is Hasbro
The models that are available here may be used to create fan art.



The models are saved as obj files.
Textures are included.


Mane 6 (AJ, Fluttershy, Pinkie, RD, Rarity, Twi) - Pose 0 Pack -…

Mane 6 - Pose 1 Pack -…

Celestia, Luna, Derpy, G&P Trixie, Lyra and Bonbon Pack -…

The textures for each model are contained in the "pose 0" packs. Only textures that were changed for pose 1 are included in the "pose 1" packs.



Here are four facial expressions for the pose 0 pony body mesh that can be used as blendshapes.…



Pony Trophies Pack -…



kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.c… - Applejack
kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.c… - Fluttershy
kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.c… - Pinkie Pie
kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.c… - Rainbow Dash
kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.c… - Rarity
kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.c… - Twilight

kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.c… - Celestia
kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.c… - Luna - Trixie
kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.c… - Lyra
kp-shadowsquirrel.deviantart.c… - Bonbon



Models for Google SketchUp…

Fully rigged MMD versions with expression are available here:

:iconmykoklyt: MykoKlyt - Nightmare Moon -

:icondarkhalcyon: darkhalcyon has converted them into Halo: CE…

:iconf1r3w4rr10r: f1r3w4rr10r made a male version.…

:iconoogaboogaman: Oogaboogaman has rigged them for Garry's Mod
. Pack 1 - Mane 6…
. Pack 2 - Celestia, Luna, Trixie, Lyra, Bon Bon and Trophies…
. Pack 3 - this pack contains lots of improvements and additions (including male pony, Spike, and Gilda)…

:iconvalforwing: Valforwing has made MMD versions and also several background ponies (and converted the standard model into Gilda)…

:iconjoanatrex: Joanatrex has made some additional MMD models (including vinyl scratch)…

:iconlightdasher: LightDasher has rigged the Mane 6 for MikuMikuDance…

:iconpizzalover53: pizzalover53 has saved them in a blender file (with the textures applied to the models)

:iconsolomen: Solomen has rigged them for Poser…

:iconmeuhcoin: meuhcoin used them to make an augmented-reality software in Flash.



Thanks to :iconmaximillianveers: MaximillianVeers for providing the high resolution cutie marks which are placed on the body textures.



Q: the TEXTURES were applied to the model in [insert your 3d application] but appear not to fit right on (they appear to be all over the mesh with some black patches).

A: depending on your software it may be necessary to flip the textures horizontally.

Q: When smoothing the model (before or during the rendering ) the TEXTURES become jagged and small black spots appear in some places.

A: This is caused when the uv's get smoothed with the mesh. just disable the uv smoothing in the appropriate options.
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One last thing, If I do go the way of animating the final vids with LightWave (as I likely am), I will most likely be using my own models that I make on my own. Do to how I wish the final to look. Like I said these are very nice, but what can be done natively on LightWave would work better for it. Plus I could make use of LightWave's native Fiber effects for the mane and tail, as well as any wings. It will also render out a nice velvet look on the bodys, I think I would like to have. It can all just be done with a little higher quality I would be looking for in a final rendered animation. SFM looks grate! I very much like what others have done with it. I would just like to show a little of what LightWave can do.
It will be a lot more work involved to do so. And it looks like SFM works real fast, and has a lot's of presets that makes animating more simple. It wold be a challenge to make anything with as rich of an environment as seen in SFM as well as the overall look of what others have done with SFM in LightWave. Might not be worth the trouble, but I think I will let the end results speak for them self's. If I ever get it done. -.-
Oh I just looked up SFM, duh. One could also use that like most do (duh!!!) instead of Unity for animating, then going to LightWave for video creation.
Still, Unity is not a bad choice for something to look into. I do see why many use SFM, I though it had something to do with garry's mod.
My bad. That had something to do with the fact that when I look up for 3D pony models I see them for SFM and garrys mod in a way that made me think that for some reason that thy where one in the same. That SFM was a video recording mode within garrys mod. Live and learn.
Very nice, very nice indeed! These are some of the best I have seen. I have been working on some of my own, but I like what I see here.
I happen to have LightWave 11.6, So I can use the MMD models or the object models and fully animate them.
I can even import the rigs for use in a Unity made game or a fully mecanim driven animation similar to a garry's mod animation, but with possibly more control, even over dynamic collisions. Like keeping the mane and tale from moving through the pony, or other objects.  
This makes for some very interesting possibilities. Seeing how I am just learning how to use Unity, switching to it from using the old and out of date DarkBasic Pro. I will post further if I do get around to doing anything with these. I have in mind an animation I would like to make. Further idea is to set up real time controlled and fully programed animation set with Unity's mecanim driven animation controls. Try to bake all the positions within a data timeline then import all data back into LightWave for a full hi quality rendering of the animation that Unity or Garry's mod just can't mach. This will take quite some time to do, in part that I am still just learning Unity, so don't expect an update on this any time soon.
On another note: Unity 4.3.4 is out and for free to use most of what it can be used for. 5 should be out soon. I do suggest to anyone getting it and using these models to have some fun with them in it. One can even make a simple but good looking game on it with them. With Unity's setup even with 2D, one could make a game that could buck simple flash games clear out of the apple orchard. ^.^
Did I also mention it is free? ^.^
GhostlyEctoGarden 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can these be used with C4D? ouo
XxGior10xX Apr 4, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
Very cool, so what means this download center? It means that anyone can download and use on different positions and post here on dA?
KP-ShadowSquirrel Apr 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, that's right :)
XxGior10xX Apr 8, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
Alright, thanks ^_^
AeridicCore Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Is there a S2 Princess Luna model? Cus I see only S1 there.
KP-ShadowSquirrel Mar 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Her season 2 mane and tail are included in the pack.
Azerta56 Mar 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
can be put on SFM?
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